Modernization Construction Update
Posted on May 28th, 2019

The final phase of our modernization project is essentially complete with a small amount of work to be done:
  • Carpeting on the upper unit porches and all balconies facing the parking lot of the marina units has not yet been installed. Feel free to move your deck furniture out and the staff will move it for you when the final carpet repairs/replacements are done early this summer.
  • Recoating of the lower unit deck boards in an approved new color will be completed as the weather permits. Those decks that have been replaced at owner expense will receive a natural coating next year after they have cured. Once again, the staff will move furniture as necessary.
  • For both the marina units and the single family residences, a few trim pieces for the new railings are on order but have not yet been received. These are primarily caps for some vertical posts. All railings are installed and it is just a few trim pieces that not yet in place.
  The Board is fully confident that all co-owners will appreciate the quality and appearance of the finished product. Thank you for your patience and cooperation on this project during the past 3 years.
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